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Zane Black

Zane is passionate about the new life and purpose that he has found with Jesus, and sharing it with teenagers across the nation. It wasn’t until after high school that Zane discovered following Jesus is the greatest adventure in life. Zane has a unique way of relating to students about the struggles they’re going through and shows them the freedom they can have in Christ.

Brock Gill

Brock has for many years set the pace for a new generation of edgy, daring illusionists as he amazes audiences with his unique stage show, dry wit, and mindblowing escapes. While working at a sawmill as a young man, Brock felt that God wanted him to use illusions, escapes, and stunts to bring a message of hope to people. “Brock admits, “I just felt like it was what God was calling me to do.”

Tom Richter

Tom is a follower of Jesus. Which, at any given moment, means Tom is a pastor, speaker, husband, father and ultimate Frisbee player of average to moderate ability. Tom Richte is currently serving as senior pastor at First Baptist Church, Cullman, AL. He previously served as pastor of a New Hope church located in the center of the most ethnically diverse county in the United States. New Hope was started in 1997 in an effort to help reach the fantastic, quirky, surprising, delicious, and never dull part of NYC that is the boro called Queens.

Johnny Hunt

Dr. Johnny M. Hunt is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA. Since coming to First Baptist Church in 1987, the church has experienced explosive growth, with thousands attending each week at their 6 campuses. His dynamic and evangelistic messages have made him a very sought after speaker worldwide. He has always had a passion for teaching young people, as he believes that it is extremely important to train up this next generation to follow Jesus.

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